Very helpful

- Stuart Townsend - Kings Somborne - Molly - Border Collie


Valerie at Paddywhack dog training is fantastic. Me and my Labrador Copper have been to 1-2-1 training sessions now and have learnt so much. The training is fun and enjoyable. Copper loves Valerie and i feel so positive when we come away from a session and confident we can practice all that we have learnt. Recommend Valerie and her way of training to anyone. Brilliant service and carry on as you are Valerie your brilliant. Valerie's understanding of dogs is amazing and you can see this in the way she trains. Thank you so much Sophie and Copper x

- Sophie P - Copper - Tidworth

Paddy Whack Dog Training

We have been taking Freddie, our border terrier to Val (paddywhackdogtraining) since we got him at 8 weeks old.  He wasn't toilet trained and didn’t sleep through the night.  Val helped us with all that.

We have worked on his house manners, recall, lead work and not jumping up, and many other fun things to keep him happy.  I am so delighted that at four months old I feel as though I have total control, and can walk him off the lead and him come back when called.  People often stop me to comment on how well behaved my dog is.


Val is a very pleasant person, that has had to teach me more than the dog, because often when he was doing something wrong, it is because of my mistakes. She has taught me with a lot of laughs and fun.  I feel as though I have a new friend.


Thank you so much Val

- Liz - Freddie - WInchester

Paddy Whack Dog Training

Val at paddywhackdogtraining has helped me nurture my exuberant Doberman puppy.  She uses her expertise to help you train your dog to be well behaved and responsive.  The training sessions are fun and consistent.  Val is firm, but supportive, which ensures that both the dog and the owner can learn.  Val loves dogs, this shines through in her classes.  She is fearless and dedicated to the wellbeing of the animals and their owners.  The best trainer in the area, by far!  Thoroughly recommended!

- Alison M - Winchester

Paddy Whack Dog Training

I first met Valerie in the local park walking her three Great Danes while I was out with my then 4-month-old puppy Willow and was immediately impressed at how well behaved her three dogs were. We chatted briefly and Valerie gave me her card inviting me to come for a free trial session with Willow to see how I liked her method of dog training. At the time I was still attending puppy classes near Winchester, but when those finished, I booked a session with Valerie straight away. I’d had an excellent dog trainer for my older dog Ozzy when he was a pup, and the training classes I’d been going to with Willow weren’t up to the standard I was used to.

I would highly recommend Valerie as a dog trainer.

- Anna M – Willow – Kings Somborne

Paddy Whack Dog Training

Finn, my German Shorthaired Pointer, and I did a number of sessions with Val starting with the basics, leading up to more Gun Dog focused training. Her professional manner and insight into Finn’s areas of weakness was brilliant, she gave me the tools and reassurance necessary to make further progress with Finn’s training, building confidence between myself and my dog. Finn, now 14 months, has a fantastic recall, is a balanced and sociable dog and a real joy to have and this is very much down to the work Val put in with us both. It is also nice to know that ongoing support is available should I ever need it in the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Val to any dog owner as she has a unique understanding and many, many years of experience of training and working with dogs.

- Sarah K – Finn – Winchester