About Me

I have always been passionate about dogs and in the last 20 years I have owned and fostered in excess of 40 dogs.

My interest in understanding dog behaviour stemmed from when I began fostering, often the dogs homed with me presented with a number of issues stemming from neglect, poor training or to owners who were no longer able to give the dog the level of commitment it needed. Most of the dogs were difficult to rehome, which meant I had to provide a safe environment, but with stringent boundaries to ensure that every dog had the opportunity to live a happy life. I have always believed in the effectiveness of positive reinforcement in both my own dogs and dogs I have trained and supported.  In 2010 a close friend asked me for support with her dog, this then led to me supporting other friends with their dogs and by word of mouth this introduced me to a range of different people, with different dogs, and in finding solutions to different issues. Over the last 10 years, I have been able to impart my knowledge and experiences of dog behaviour, management, and training.  I do not have any degrees, qualifications, or certificates stating what I have learnt, just lots of positive and productive experiences over the years.

Clients will tell you that it is they who were trained, as most of the time the dogs generally knew what was expected of them! I enjoy a warm rapport with people, and this extends into my training and in offering ongoing advice should you need it or encounter problems between classes.

My stance is that dogs are not too dissimilar to humans in that they go through the same stages of the human life cycle: babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adult through to old age. This includes all the same sort of experiences and risks presented throughout life too. Humans have people in their lives to guide them, model behaviour and show them right from wrong to reduce the risks of harm to themselves or others. It is imperative that dogs are supported in the same way. I aspire to support owners to equip themselves with the with the know how or knowledge of how to deal with man’s best friend.

Why Use Positive Reinforcement Training?

The method uses a reward system for desired behaviours. Every dog is different, so rewards can vary, i.e., treats, praise, or toys. The reward itself encourages your dog to repeat the required positive behaviours, therefore being one of your most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog's behaviour.

Over the years I have found this method to be the best and most positive way of training. My motto is ‘why take a sledgehammer to break a nut?’

Unfortunately, overly assertive methods still exist as dog owners do not question aspects of how training is delivered. Neither, based on my own observations, do they say anything when they feel their dog is being treated unfairly or appears to be fearful or scared.

You want a relationship with your dog that helps to ensure they feel safe, are happy, and trusting of everybody around them. This can be achieved through my training, free from cruelty or force – a much better way to move forward with your furry friend.

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