From 12 Weeks / Beginners Dog Training Rolling Classes - 50 Minutes @ £15.00 per class

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Sessions are closed 24hrs prior to the class, sorry you can not pay on the day.

These classes are for you, the owner, to have a grasp of the basic training for dogs. You will have fully understood and will confidently command your dog to comply with the instructions you have asked and learnt. Some dogs may take longer than others to complete the basic training, this gives you the time, and the knowledge that this can be achieved. This is perfect for people who can not commit to block booked sessions, learn at your own pace, in your own time.

Responsive to name

Controlled play with dog

Play with other dogs

Introduction to a new person

Noise Distraction

Basic Whistle recall

Basic Positions Sit/Down/Stand

Loose Lead Work



Food Manners

Various other exercises

When you feel happy with your dogs development you can move on to the intermediate classes.

Classes are 4 people - Please bring lead, treats and poo bags, the class is outside so please dress accordingly.


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