2 Hour Loose Lead Workshop @ £ 40.00 (Groups of 4)

Going out on the lead can be the most exciting part of your dog’s day.  Yes, exciting for them but not for you the exasperated owner. Who is hurtled at speed along the pavement trying to keep some sort of control.  Your furry friend soon learns the faster they walk the faster you get to the park.

It is a learnt behaviour taught by us.  They pull and we reward by going faster.

You need to put a great deal of work in with loose lead but with my help and strategies it will be well worth the effort.

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice calm stroll with their dog which is possible with the Loose Lead Workshop. The sessions are held outside so please dress accordingly.

Please bring to the first class:

Collar & Lead
Lots of tasty treats – It is reward base so lots of treats
Poo Bags


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